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Monday, May 16, 2011

Textbook Hoarder

I collect things.  I don't think that I'm a certifiable hoarder, but I do tend to accumulate random items because I don't get around to throwing them away or selling them.  And I definitely have the collector's bug.

But this is ridiculous!!!

I've yet to get rid of any of my law school textbooks.  Theoretically, there is a veritable gold mine in this corner of my basement study.  But I can't seem to talk myself into attempting to sell them, and I certainly can't just throw them away.  But really, does anyone need two giant stacks of legal gobbeldygook?  I think not.

Incidentally, the exam doubleheader went relatively well today.  All my exams are now done, but I still have a bit of writing to do before I'm officially done with 2L year.  Er...  Wait.  Do summer classes count?  Probably in my case, since the reason I'm taking 5 hours this summer is because I had to drop 5 hours last fall.  Crap.  In that case, I'm still a 2L for another 8 weeks.  A bit anticlimactic, no?  But you know what that means...

More textbooks to add to my collection!!!  (I shall share pics of some of my more entertaining collections in the future, rest assured.)

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