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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anniversary Mini-Trip

The hubster and I had an excellent little mini-trip for our anniversary last week.  Unfortunately, we couldn't go out of town right now thanks in part to the all day Trial Advocacy boot camp that I had on Saturday.  (For my non-law school friends, Trial Ad is one of the summer classes I am taking, and there are two "boot camps" where we are in lecture all day.)  But, we had a great anniversary nonetheless!  The day was just the way we like it.  At our own leisurely pace, no hurry to be anywhere and enjoying every moment.

The day started out with cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which is always a good thing!  Then we took our two rascally pups to my parents' house.  On the way back into town, we stopped at a gun store so the hubster could do a little browsing.  Also looked at a couple possible handguns for me, but it will probably be some time before that purchase is made.

Then we had lunch at Lafayette Fire Company No 1.  The food was quite tasty, but not so much that we'll be headed back there soon.  It's not a bad place at all, just not one that we want to add to our list of faves.  I should mention that it rained ALL day on our anniversary, which spoiled most of our outdoor plans for the day.  So, we headed to the City Museum instead and spent some time exploring the World Aquarium, which was pretty awesome.

How can you not love faces like these?  (And yes, I am intentionally including the one with the hubster...)

Then we headed to the Four Seasons, where we had the Heart's Delight package.  The package included valet parking, champagne and chocolate delivered to the room, and a gigantic, delicious in-room breakfast in the morning.  

It was freaking good chocolate.  We had dinner at Cielo, and the food was excellent!  Sadly, the atmosphere was really lacking.  If we ever stay at the hotel again, I think we'll opt for room service instead.  Because the room itself was fantastic.

I seriously want one of these chair thingies, it was so comfortable.

The bathroom had a tub that was almost two feet deep, and there was a TV in the mirror.

See, it's really a mirror!

Can you imagine what one of the good rooms with the good view would be like?  This is essentially the worst option you can get, but it's hard to attach a word like worst to it.

Checkout time was at noon and we checked out at about 11:59.  I didn't want to leave!  But we had to pick up the pups and I had to do the reading for my Saturday class, so alas, we had to come back to reality.  But it was a lovely day, and a lovely way to celebrate our first 10 years together.  

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