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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Boy and a Cat

A few weeks ago we "adopted" a stray kitty.  I put adopted in quotes, because really, he just decided that we should be his owners.  He's been a stray for at least several months, possibly a couple years.  Opinions in the neighborhood are somewhat varied, but he'd been hanging out in the area for a long time.  I fed him one day, and that was all it took.  We are now his people.

He's a super sweet kitty, and his former owners declawed him, so we didn't want to leave him out in the cold any more.  Clearly he'd been someone's house cat in the past, as he made himself right at home and also gets along smashingly with our dogs.  He is also enamored of Jonathan

Today, I heard a rustling from the spare bedroom and went to check on Jonathan.  This is what I found.  I wish I had been prepared to take pics so they might have turned out better, but this will do.  :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Obligatory messy food post

Sigh.  I have never been a big fan of the messy baby with food all over its face thing.  I know.  I'm a humbug.    I have generally gone out of my way to prevent J from getting food all over himself.  He eats sloppy stuff from a spoon or not at all.  Seriously, I know, I'm a humbug.  

Imagine my surprise when I found that the nifty new teething biscuits that I bought him were incredibly messy.  And... I thought it was cute!  What?!?  What is the matter with me?  This isn't cute.  It's gross.  Isn't it?  Ok, I give up.  It's cute.  I had to get pictures.  A lot of pictures.  (Don't quit before you get to the last picture!!!)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Somebody is 9 months old!

I am amazed that time has flown by this way.  J is already 9 months old!!  Can you believe it?

He is also, apparently, too old now for me to take pictures of him the way that I have every month until now.  Part of me is a little sad about that, because we had a good thing going.  :)  Every month I have taken pics of him next to my giant panda bear.  I have also taken pics of him on a black sheet, with me standing over him on a chair.  Honestly, the latter are some of my favorite pics of him.  Alas, the moment I put him down today to take his picture he rolled over onto his belly, then immediately pushed himself up into a sitting position.  I couldn't get him to lay down for the pics at all.  So for the first time, I can't add to my collection.  :(  Ah well.  He is still adorable!

Here are examples of the pics I've taken every month until now:

And here is my adorable nine month old baby boy:

Could he be any cuter?  Yes, yes, I'm biased.  But he really is adorable.

Next I tried the floor pics.  I put him down, climbed up onto my chair, and this is what happened:

So I gave up, and got down off the chair to take some pics of him the way he apparently wanted them taken.

I tried to move him to take them with a different background.

But my little wiggle worm didn't want to stay in one place.

Nor did he want to stay sitting down!

Then he got a little cranky.

So we took a break to eat some puffs.  Then I tried to take a couple more pics, but he decided that it would be more fun to eat his 9 month sticker.  And really, who I am to say that's not the best use for the sticker?  :)

Happy 9 months to my sweet baby boy!