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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Puppy Love (at Christmas, that is)

21 years ago (eek! how did I get that old?!?) I decided I needed my own Christmas tree in my room at my parents' house.  So I saved up for a while, then went out and bought this 4 foot tree that I still use to this day.

I got some simple glass ball ornaments, a thin strand of garland, a few lights, and a simple gold star.  I also picked up an ornament called Puppy Love.  It was a Hallmark ornament, and was the first in a series.  I never have liked starting things in the middle, so I thought it would be appropriate to buy an adorable little puppy ornament that also happened to be the first in a new series.

Little did I know that it would be one of those very long-lasting series of Hallmark ornaments, still going strong 21 years later!  I don't have number 21 just yet, but as soon as I have it in my hot little hands, my little 4 foot tree will be decorated with 21 puppies.

I haven't put up a tree the last few years because our house is pretty crowded, and I miss being able to put up our giant 8 footer.  But this year I wanted to see the puppies, so I made a space.

Wishing all my friends and family the best of the holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate, if any.  Puppy love to you all!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Progress on the baby room

Most of the work has been done on the baby room for a while, by default.  The walls were the color I wanted, we had almost all the furniture we wanted already.  I do want to pull up the carpet at some point and have the hardwood underneath repaired/refurbished, but that may not happen until after baby is born.  We'll see.  (I'll gladly take recommendations if anyone knows someone good locally to hire for the job.)

But, there are a couple small projects still to be done.  One of which was to cover up some discolorations on the modular furniture we are using in place of a dresser.

I've had this furniture since I was a kid.  Dad painted and assembled it, and since it's particle board I well remember how he slaved over the immense quantity of paint it all soaked up.  Ideally, we should repaint it.  20+ years of use, plus being moved 6 times has left some damage to the finish.  But, there were really only a couple places that were discolored, and I thought of a quick fix to cover up the worst of it in a fun way.

Mod podge!  Woo!

Here's the finished product.  Just needed to cover up these two sides, and I used black and white scrapbook paper cut into random shapes and sizes.  I think it works nicely!  It's far from perfect, there are some bubbles/wrinkles in the paper, but as a temporary fix until we get around to repainting all of it, I think it will be just fine.  (The flat, un-mod-podged bit under the window is where the changing pad will go.)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Half way there!!

Mmm, so that title might be a tiny white lie, since I'm not technically 20 weeks along for 2 1/2 more days.  But, yeah, it feels pretty good to be practically half way there.

And, this week we had our anatomy scan, the big ultrasound that checks to make sure all the organs are present and all the fingers and toes and arms and legs are there, and are growing at the right rate.

Not to mention...  It's the big ultrasound that reveals gender, if you want to find out...

So I'd like to introduce -


Nah, we can't have our baby be an evil fiend, so baby must be -


Bony, or cute, baby is all BOY!!!!!  Best news, all his little fingers and toes and various vital bits are present and accounted for, where they should be and looking good!  So he is a healthy boy.  What a blessing.  :)