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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not actually studying

What better time to finally start a blog than when I should be last-minute cramming for a law school exam doubleheader?  Ok, sure, maybe there are about a gazillion better times.  Nevertheless, here I am...

Life very much puzzles me sometimes, and the more I feel like I've gotten things under control, the more I tend to be confused about what should be done next.  Hence, the name for my blog.  A hopefully whimsical approach at the confusing ups and downs that make up my day to day world.

The ups and downs at the moment are generally all related to the fact that I am trying to finish up my spring semester of my second year in law school.  Goodness knows why I decided at my advanced age (heh) to go to law school, but I did.  Last year was great, this year has been singularly unpleasant, although that has very little to do with school and very much to do with another gigantic undertaking which I shall undoubtedly address in some future post.  But, for good or ill, I've got two exams and a paper still left to finish up.  And heaven help me, summer classes start in 6 days (on a Saturday, which is just maddening).

So, I will claim my study buddy, Allie the cheagle:

And make every effort to entice her off of the couch, where she is unconscious at present:

And then I will do my best to ensconce her in my study, in her basket with her blankets and sheepie:

And hope that with the company of my study buddy, I can pull another all-nighter and finish up the last of my exams for my 2L year in about 24 hours.  Wish me luck!

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