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Friday, December 7, 2012

8 months!

Although I haven't been blogging about it, I have faithfully been taking J's monthly pictures.  I'm still trying to really learn how to take pictures of him, and the lighting in my house is pretty abysmal, but overall I've not been displeased with how they have turned out.  They may not be professional pics, but I've managed to capture some mighty cute faces.

As he gets older, taking the pics gets more and more interesting.  We were lucky enough to have a helper today, so I got a few cute smiles, even though he wasn't in a super cheery mood.

Every month we take a few pics next to the panda, to see how he is growing.  (Jonathan, not the panda.  Lord help us if the panda gets any bigger.)

Then I take a few pics of him on the floor.  He's almost too long for me to do this now.  Maybe I just need to get a taller chair so I'm high enough that I can get all of him in the picture...

The last three months, since he's been big enough to sit up on his own, I've been taking some random pics, too.  These are quickly turning out to be my favorites!  My biggest problem is that I don't like taking pics with the flash, yet he moves around so much now that I almost have to use it.  Perhaps I could just tear down a wall and put in a giant window instead so we could have more natural lighting.  No big deal, right?  All in the name of a good picture.

Thanks to my helper for getting some adorable smiles!!

Sure, I get that I'm biased.  But are these not two of the most adorable baby cheeks you have ever seen?!?!?

Uh oh.  Someone officially got tired of wearing a number.  Much, much more fun to eat the number.  Happy 8 months, little mister!

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