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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What an amazing week

The stars really aligned for me this past week, and for that I am truly thankful.  I'm a bit amazed at how perfectly it's all worked out so far!  I hope that I can keep this streak of good luck going for the rest of the summer.

At work I wrote a Motion for Summary Judgment for a federal case, along with the full 15 page memorandum in support.  I was also asked to draft a petition for a new case.  For a summer law clerk, I think this is a pretty awesome amount of responsibility!  Never mind the fact that one day this week I flew to and from Michigan to meet with a client to go over their records for a case that will likely end up in litigation some day.  The work I'm doing is fun, fascinating, challenging, and it's wonderful to be given this kind of responsibility.  I LOVE it!!  

One of my summer classes wrapped up this week, too.  On Friday I completed my fake trial for Trial Advocacy, and my fake client was found 0% at fault!!  This was really huge, and very unexpected.  Seriously, there is no way that we could have had a better outcome.  What a great way to end a class.

An on a more personal note, our IVF cycle has progressed quite beautifully.  Saturday was the day of our egg retrieval.  Very unexpectedly, they retrieved 20 eggs!  14 of those were mature, and 13 fertilized properly.  Now we wait to see how well those 13 do in the lab over the next few days.  If they continue to divide and grow properly, and progress to the blastocyst phase, we'll transfer the two best on Thursday.  I'm so excited that I responded so well to the meds, and that we are in a great place right now. 

Sincerely hoping that this good streak continues!!

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