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Monday, January 7, 2013

Somebody is 9 months old!

I am amazed that time has flown by this way.  J is already 9 months old!!  Can you believe it?

He is also, apparently, too old now for me to take pictures of him the way that I have every month until now.  Part of me is a little sad about that, because we had a good thing going.  :)  Every month I have taken pics of him next to my giant panda bear.  I have also taken pics of him on a black sheet, with me standing over him on a chair.  Honestly, the latter are some of my favorite pics of him.  Alas, the moment I put him down today to take his picture he rolled over onto his belly, then immediately pushed himself up into a sitting position.  I couldn't get him to lay down for the pics at all.  So for the first time, I can't add to my collection.  :(  Ah well.  He is still adorable!

Here are examples of the pics I've taken every month until now:

And here is my adorable nine month old baby boy:

Could he be any cuter?  Yes, yes, I'm biased.  But he really is adorable.

Next I tried the floor pics.  I put him down, climbed up onto my chair, and this is what happened:

So I gave up, and got down off the chair to take some pics of him the way he apparently wanted them taken.

I tried to move him to take them with a different background.

But my little wiggle worm didn't want to stay in one place.

Nor did he want to stay sitting down!

Then he got a little cranky.

So we took a break to eat some puffs.  Then I tried to take a couple more pics, but he decided that it would be more fun to eat his 9 month sticker.  And really, who I am to say that's not the best use for the sticker?  :)

Happy 9 months to my sweet baby boy!

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