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Monday, January 21, 2013

Obligatory messy food post

Sigh.  I have never been a big fan of the messy baby with food all over its face thing.  I know.  I'm a humbug.    I have generally gone out of my way to prevent J from getting food all over himself.  He eats sloppy stuff from a spoon or not at all.  Seriously, I know, I'm a humbug.  

Imagine my surprise when I found that the nifty new teething biscuits that I bought him were incredibly messy.  And... I thought it was cute!  What?!?  What is the matter with me?  This isn't cute.  It's gross.  Isn't it?  Ok, I give up.  It's cute.  I had to get pictures.  A lot of pictures.  (Don't quit before you get to the last picture!!!)


  1. He is adorable. I love that big grin. How many teeth does he have now? Mac still just has his bottom two. And he bites me now, which is awesome! (so not awesome)

  2. He's got 6, 3 on bottom and 3 on top, with a 4th coming in on top. He's very toothy. :) And he's bit me a couple times by accident, and I said OW so loud that it made him cry, and he hasn't done it since. Hope Mac doesn't do it too often!!