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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Panda Nursery Photo-bomb

Alrighty.  Here it is.  The "finished" product, the culmination of some 12 or more years of anticipatory planning of having a panda-themed nursery.  The idea was first suggested to me in undergrad as a way to use my panda collection.  After that, I started getting more panda gifts and baby-themed panda stuff.  I didn't keep track of each dollar we spent on the room, but it was definitely a budget project, with lots of hand-me-downs and items that have been gifted over the years.  The big wall decor was our big decorative splurge, and the chair is a gift from my dad.  Hope you like it!  And, I hope the little guy likes it when he makes his arrival sometime in the next month or so.  (I'm 37 weeks today!!!)

View as one enters the room from the hallway:

Corner opposite of the door:

Next corner over:

Wall with the door:

Wall opposite of the chair/crib corners:


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