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Friday, April 12, 2013

Japanese Garden Bliss

Is there any place in St. Louis that is more beautiful in early April than the Japanese Garden area of the Missouri Botanical Garden?  Absolutely not.

I am a bit biased, because I adore the Japanese Garden and think it's gorgeous year round.  But there is something really special about this time of year.  Jonathan and I spent a lovely morning taking pictures and walking around.  For quite a while we practically had the place to ourselves!  Eventually some preschool groups arrived and the solace was a bit disturbed, but it was still perfectly lovely.  I highly, highly recommend a trip to the Garden very soon!!

Jonathan would like to point out that he had the most comfortable way to tour the Garden and still stay warm on a chilly spring morning.

All pics below are specifically from the Japanese Garden area of the Garden.

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely wonderful photos! I'm going to have to get over to MoBot soon. It's stunning. That bridge photo is perfection.