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Thursday, February 7, 2013

10 Months (a.k.a. mom can't choose which pics are best)

The little guy is seriously on the MOVE these days!  It makes taking pictures of him much more difficult, and yet in some ways, they are infinitely more adorable.  I took so many today, and absolutely cannot choose which ones I like best.  I like them all!  I was chasing him all over his room trying to get the pics.  Probably my favorite moment was when he stood up against the closed door and started banging on it.  Apparently, I wasn't giving him enough room to roam.  <3

Just like every month, we started out trying to get some pics with the giant panda.

But he didn't want to stay in one place very long.

So I kept putting him back, and got a couple cute shots.  (Oh, who am I kidding, they were all cute!)

Then it was just a question of following him around, trying to get a shot or two, and trying to keep him from getting into trouble.  Easier said than done!

(This was a yawn.  I can't stop laughing about it!  Total blackmail material some day.)

Mmm.  Mom knocked the lotion bottle onto the floor.

Off to hang out by the crib.

Oh, hey, there's my wubby!

Next stop, diaper drawers!

Checking out the corners.

Let me out!  Let me out!

Best smile of the day...

THE END.  (ahahahaha, I couldn't help myself.)

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