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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Puppy Love (at Christmas, that is)

21 years ago (eek! how did I get that old?!?) I decided I needed my own Christmas tree in my room at my parents' house.  So I saved up for a while, then went out and bought this 4 foot tree that I still use to this day.

I got some simple glass ball ornaments, a thin strand of garland, a few lights, and a simple gold star.  I also picked up an ornament called Puppy Love.  It was a Hallmark ornament, and was the first in a series.  I never have liked starting things in the middle, so I thought it would be appropriate to buy an adorable little puppy ornament that also happened to be the first in a new series.

Little did I know that it would be one of those very long-lasting series of Hallmark ornaments, still going strong 21 years later!  I don't have number 21 just yet, but as soon as I have it in my hot little hands, my little 4 foot tree will be decorated with 21 puppies.

I haven't put up a tree the last few years because our house is pretty crowded, and I miss being able to put up our giant 8 footer.  But this year I wanted to see the puppies, so I made a space.

Wishing all my friends and family the best of the holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate, if any.  Puppy love to you all!!


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