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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pretty Things

Admittedly, some pretty things are much more trouble than they are worth.  But, even if they are a lot of work, sometimes they make everything worthwhile.

Take Belle here.  Boobelle, as we call her, has been with us for nine years.  We have no idea what kind of dog she is, because some horrible, horrible person dumped her and she was found by a coworker of mine when she was just a few weeks old.  She's gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous.  She has the best heart in the world and is loyal to a fault.  But, she sheds like you wouldn't believe.  And I wouldn't even want to think about how much we've had in vet bills for her, considering the major surgery she had a couple years ago, and the ligament she tore last year.  No matter what though, I wouldn't trade her for the world.  (I even forgive her for once chewing a hole in a wall when she was younger!)  She's beautiful, she's sweet, she's perfect.  She makes me very, very happy.

(Incidentally, how gorgeous is my yucca plant this year??)

Here's another good example.  My mimosa tree is the most amazingly beautiful thing this time of year.  It's gigantic, and smells heavenly, and puts a huge smile on my face every time I see it.  But lord is it a disgusting mess!  Seriously, all these flowers will fall on the yard, in the street, on the sidewalk, on the top of my car, in the driveway...  Get the idea?  (Note the flower molting process has already begun in the first picture of Belle.)  It sheds four times a year.  But I love love love love it.

Not sure that I really have a point here.  Other than to show you pretty pictures of two of my favorite pretty things.  :)  And to memorialize how the mimosa looks today, since in a week or so the hubster will be cursing it for the huge mess it will make...  

Oh yeah, and here's a gratuitous picture of my dogs.  Did I mention that I love them?  

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  1. Your pups are so stinking adorable! Belle is just beautiful! By the way, you have to post video of Allie running around the yard sometime. So funny!